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Thanks for giving me a minute so I can ask you to support the Wellness Revolution.

I’m actually sending this most of my contacts and hope you will too.

What we are asking for is for people to sign an online petition and let others know about it by passing on this email.

Here is the petition site: http://www.marathonofhealth.com/?id=mari32 Click the link above and you are going to learn about the Chicoine family….they are a family of 8 running AROUND North America! Over 12,000 miles! They have already crossed Canada and are now in the US.

Signing the petition helps them gain support as they move through the United States.

Here is the part I like. They actually pay you to promote. I’m mainly doing it because I believe in the cause….but I have actually made a few bucks now so I am feeling even better about it!

The company that is backing them is an online fitness company that helps people who have failed at exercise and diets, get fit. They take a portion of all the fees and pay members who promote for them. The philosophy is that the companies who normally get the advertsing dollars are the same companies selling the junk that has created an obesity epidemic!

So they use the internet and ask people to promote the old fashioned way. They offer to share the revenues with people instead of mega-corps.

They sum it all up in a live online presentation. If you have the time, check it out: http://www.myfitnesswebinar.com/?id=mari32. Sign up because if you cannot make it to the live event, they will send you a recording. I think you will see why I don’t mind inviting my friends and family to have a look. 🙂

Take care of yourself and stay well!



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