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Business Opportunity

I reserved you a seat

I found something I thought you would be interested in.

There is a really unique webinar coming up and I am able to invite people…I did NOT sign you up for anything, but I was limited to how many invites  I could send so hopefully you can make use of your reservation.

The reason I thought of you was because I know you understand the way the internet works and also know that you like business.

There is a new company that promotes fitness and wellness through all of these incredibly inovative methods. It’s NOT just text information. We are talking live webinars, custom exercise programs, social support and tons more.

Here is the link to the webinar: http://www.myfitnesswebinar.com/?id=mari32 You need to sign in to confirm you can either come, OR that you want to be emailed the recording.

They are a pretty unique group and are really getting a mass following. They are all about their members, and that is where the business part comes in.

They are not exactly big supporters of the companies that promote all of the harmful foods, products and lifestyles so they decided not to be like all of them and send their revenues to mass media advertising outlets.

What they do is pay their own members if they choose to help promote. No one has to do it or anything like that but you can actually promote the product as a business for free! No extra charge! Anyway, they are pretty unique but I don’t want to type a book here….just come to the webinar or signup for the recording. You will see why it is so easy to promote a company like this.

Take care


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