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Do Not Pass Up

Do you understand numbers?

If you do not take action after you read this….then I am sorry I was not able to make it obvious that you NEED to be a part of this!

>>> http://www.7minwo.com/?id=mari32

Seriously, you will hear about this, this will be huge and if you pass this up, it will be a HUGE mistake so please, do not be mad at me if I fail to point out the stunning results we have had so far!

Do you understand numbers?

We had a call with 700 people. We asked them to join our opportunity at a cost of $97 each.

Out of the 700 people….1000 registered.

Look at the above line again please.

Do you understand numbers?

We made an offer to 700 people and closed 145% of them.

Do you understand numbers?

This should NOT have happened however despite the fact we told people NOT to promote the business opportunity we are offering to you, some clearly did!


If 30% joined, we could brag about how amazing the opportunity is…how can we advertise 145% closing rate!?

If you do understand numbers, then you understand that this is truly one of those unique online startups that will take the world by storm!

People who see the opportunity join!

>>> http://www.7minwo.com/?id=mari32

Plain and simple. Have a look and when you join, simply pass on the message using our easy ready made tools and like you and 145% of the people who heard about the opportunity already, they will take action….and YOU will get paid!



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