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Tips For Older People

Weight Loss for Seniors

Guaranteed weight loss is a common term we hear in the Weight Loss Industry, but unfortunately we often find ‘guaranteed’ is a mythical term used to sell different programs which (all too often) leave us feeling disappointed. However permanent and guaranteed weight loss is possible, not matter what your age!

As in all successful and long lasting diets, the secret is in the nutritional program and how the plan is customized to suit your dietary needs.

It is a regular assertion that “as we got older, those extra kilos will pile on”. But this is not necessarily the case. As we get older, we are able to take advantage of our meal plan to benefit us in a number of ways, while it help us to maintain a healthy weight. Eating well also helps us to keep mentally alert, resist illness, to aid against chronic health problems and to keep us emotionally balanced.

Here are some basic tips for seniors – things to include in any Weight Loss regime?

· The Color Tip: In the case of a seniors’ diets, keeping your plate colorful is crucial! Eat plenty of whole fruit and vegetables, rather than juices. Carrots, broccoli, squash, apples, spinach. berries and melons.

· Bones Tip: Calcium intake is highly important in maintaining your bone strength. We need at least 1200mg of Calcium a day. Ensure you include a glass of milk, yoghurt and cheese into your daily meal plan.

· Fiber Tip: Avoid constipation by increasing your fiber intake. Try some raw fruits and veggies, whole grain and beans.

· Metabolism Tip: As we age, so does our metabolism. Unfortunately we are not able to get away with eating the way we did when we were twenty. You no longer need the same amount of food that was required in your earlier years. We are burning fewer calories and are less physical; therefore we must not skip meals, rather, simply cut down our meal size.

· Loss of Appetite Tip: Try natural flavors, such as vinegar, onions, ginger, fruits and spices. These natural flavors will not only help with loss of appetite, but will also help with our taste and smell senses.

These simple tips, along with health advise from your doctor will guarantee your weight loss results

Enjoy your day!



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