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Your Diet

I want you to join me in the 90-Day Health Challenge. First thing to do is answering these questions.

and, then look for your score to help you determine what products work best for you.

This very short quiz will help tell you if adding Regular, It’s Vital, Thermo Fit, Fat Fighters,  or Greens to help with removing toxins in your body.

After determining how much toxins are needed to be removed and ordering your full 90-Day Health Challenge products, we need to really look at your diet.

Why is what your eating so important? What you put in does not always come out or takes a really long time to come out. A balanced diet means eating healthy foods from all food groups everyday. Here is some information on eating a balanced diet and why Here is some more information on eating nutritional foods..

You see that water is the most important, it  takes up the most space in the pyramid because as you do know we are made up of mostly water. See the similarities? Following the pyramid everyday as much as possible will help you live a more full and healthy life.

Now the next step is exercising. This is another really important factor. Getting your body to move keeps muscles toned, ligaments movable, healthy heart and brain. Exercise your brain too, this can be done by doing many things. Here is a list of some great brain exercises.

Exercising every other day is best. this gives your body 1 day to recover. I suggest taking New You to help enhance your exercising routine and help you recover from everything you do daily.

I hope you have found this helpful and share this with others on many social networks and emails don’t forget word of mouth too.

If you have questions or would like to help others become healthy while making money please tell me in comments section.

Here are some things I would like to discuss with all of you.

How is your diet?

What is your activity level?

Do you exercise and tell me about what your routine is.

Have you joined the 90-Day Health Challenge, if not what is holding you back?




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