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Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

I have always looked at models from many areas in the modeling industry. This picture truly speaks for itself. That model on the left side is wayyy tooo skinny. You can see every bone. I mean really where are her muscles? I am all for modeling, but it really needs to be regulated in a healthy way, both for the females whom are doing it and for their fans and anyone who looks up to them.

This is why there are so many females thinking that being thin, skinny or what ever you call it is healthy. Being overweight is not healthy either. So what exactly is a good healthy weight for you? Here is a pretty good idea:

My own BMI a few years ago was 35, i was 168lbs and at 4ft 11in that is very much overweight. Before I had my boys I was 75lbs-80lbs, that was a little underweight. A good weight for me is 90lbs-100lbs.

Here is an awesome article about too thin models and other models. Do you think they are going according to anything nutritionists and other health care physicians tell them

What else are your thoughts?


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