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My Story

Yes this is ME.

I want to talk about why I started this website and added in the blogging part of it.

At first it was “just another website” that sold stuff. That is not my intentions. Of course I would love to sell each product I promote on here, but that has never been my first thoughts.

Why have I started my own home business selling from multiple direct selling companies? Well I kind of got tired of looking for this person and that person for all the different products I was already using. There is one person to go to for one thing, then another person for another thing I wanted/needed. So that is when the light bulb came on. Hmm Marilyn, you love and use all the products, why not offer them to others as well. How about being a one of a kind and start a one stop shop. This is how I got started.

I added in the blogging part to make posts interactive. I want to share with you how I use the products from each of these lines and how others use them as well. I want you to see others’ experiences that are using the products. Posting often different products highlighting them. Letting you know what is currently on sale either for that day or specific dates.

I love to meet people, both online and in person. I love customer service, and selling as well. I also love and use the products from each line that I sell from. If I do not use it myself, then I do not sell it. There arfe more companies I would love to offer their products from, but I do not want to overwhelm myself with more than what I can handle. I will be launching a couple of other product lines, so please be sure to look out for them.

When you come to my site I want you to be active and have conversations within the comments section about the posts. I would love for you to share them everywhere as well. I would like to have a very good relationship as friends with each of you.

I promise to offer great products, quality products, awesome customer service, and great deals too.

Helping Others Get What They Want for Health, Beauty, Fitness, and Improve their Environment.

Please sign up for my newsletter to be on a mailing list for both email and postal mailings of special offers and freebies only offered to those who sign up.

Thank you for reading and sharing.


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