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Build A Better Blog Day 2

So I am continueing in the process of building a better blog and website for you to enjoy coming back to a couple of times a week and refer me to others.

If you have a business and or a blog I recommend getting these awesome books to help you not just from the start, but to keep on top of. ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging.

Chapter two is about publishing and gaining internet presence.

It explains the check list process. How to use the check list every time and make sure each of your posts are quality work.

It also points out the importance of presence. Without presence whats the point? You need to post quality work and share ith different social medias. Encourage sharing of your content. make sure you have used, spell checker, key words, sharing buttons and other optimizing tools.

Another important point is your mission statement. I have mine, i just need to actually include it here, on my blog..

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