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How To Build A Better Blog

I know, not exactly what this blog is all about. It is essential for me to participate in this activity in order to bring you the best experience.

I do not want to just have a website for selling! I want this site to be about how to improve your life in many ways, using the products you buy from me. I want to be in tune with you. I want to offer interactive conversations and have a good friendly relationship with my customer friends. I do not see you as a dollar sign. I just like to help others find things easily, see the products in action, see how others are using them, and offer great service to you.

I will post about just about each product and ways to use it, how it will help you improve your life or how it will be a convienient use for you. I will post about sales and a couple of things in each post. I will also post about owning your own business and how it will be a positive change in your life. You will also recieve posts on special deals, a freebie or two and other things like recipes and keeping healthy.

I truly hope you gain alot of information from my blog and are very happy with not just the products you purchase from me, but my special individualized customer service to you. I hope that you share with others about this site and its products and services.

So the activity I am partcipating in is How To Build a Better Blog. You will see me post things about the hows and why’s. I hope they help you in your everyday life, just as it helps me.

Some highlights are:



Choose when you will write, proof read, and post

Plan your first week of content

and Writing your launch post.

this is my launch post.

If your participating please join the linky


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