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Tips For Diabetics

Weight Loss for Diabetics

Diabetes is a word we hear more and more often and Type 2 is unfortunately due to a poor ongoing lifestyle, as we know. But did you know that eating a primarily Mediterranean diet can lower the incidence of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease and also guarantee weight loss?

A Mediterranean diet is vegetable based with an emphasis on whole grains, fruits and a source of protein, like meat, beans and some types of cheese. It places eggs, poultry and fish up much higher on the food pyramid compared to a traditional western diet. And of course it is a guaranteed way to lose weight for EVERYONE, not just those with diabetes.

Olive oil is in the middle of the pyramid and is the main source of fat in the diet. The benefit of olive oil is that it is high in monounsaturated fat and it helps to improve good cholesterol. Red meat should be eaten a few times a week as well as eggs. Egg yolk also contains vitamin D, which is especially good for diabetics who often have low levels of vitamin D. Included in the plan should be a moderate amount of fish and poultry as well as cheese and yogurt.

Eating at least two servings of fish each week actually to protects people with diabetes who also have kidney disease. I am happy to report that a few clients of ours have actually been able to lose weight and completely go without their diabetes medication (as directed by their doctor) as a result of following a Mediterranean diet like this.

It cites benefits including protection from chronic disease and cancer, guaranteed weight loss and weight management, a safeguard against Alzheimer’s disease and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Use these helpful tips within your weight loss journey for guaranteed and successful weight loss. The best way to get started is to have a yummy salad for lunch today with plenty of water and some fruit as an afternoon snack. Then look for a healthy protein, like meat or chicken, and mix it up with some tasty veggies for dinner.

Enjoy your day!



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