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Green Tea

Green Tea and Weight loss

Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

For 4,000 years, those in Asian countries have regarded green tea as something more than just a beverage. It was used as herbal medicine and treatment for everything from headaches to depression and today, is seen as an effective tool for weight loss.

This blend of tea has compounds that can increase the body’s metabolic rate, therefore aiding in the quest for weight loss.

Research shows that it can promote the burning of fat and the regulation of insulin levels and blood sugar. This is terrific news for those of us on a weight loss journey.

The most fascinating and groundbreaking news is that green tea can inhabit the growth of cancer cells. That is to say that it can kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Green Tea contains EGCG, a particular type of polyphenol that has shown in tests to be able to penetrate the body’s cells and shield DNA from the potent free radical, hydrogen peroxide.

Green Tea’s benefits don’t stop there. It can lower cholesterol, reduce the clotting tendencies of blood and even prevent tooth decay!

This drink is simply the unprocessed leaves of the tea plant, unlike black tea which is fermented. When the tea is processed, much of the polyphenols of black tea are lost whereas the green variety holds onto those benefits.

Not a fan of the drink?

There are green tea supplements available such as Te’ Green from Pharmanex. Each capsule contains the equivalent of around seven cups and is standardized to provide quantifiable amounts of EGCG, the most valuable component.

As a strong anti-oxidant, protector of the liver and aide in the detoxication process, drinking one to four cups of Green Tea daily will prove that the old methods can be as good if not better than the new.

Enjoy your day!



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