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Sixty Percent Off and Free Shipping

Get your doodle on with kiss-proof moisturizing color. Lip art has never been more fun! Lightweight color that lasts for hours! Precise easy application; dries immediately. .09 fl. oz

Only $5.99! (op $9) ends 1/3/12.

I line my lips, then use this lip stain, then either lipstick or lip gloss over it. Color lasts a longer time.


Immediately, fine lines under eyes are visibly diminished. Skin texture and clarity are noticeably improved. Reflects light away from wrinkles and disguises imperfections. Unique brush applicator. .06 oz. net wt.

$8 (op $10) ends 1/3/12

I use this alot, I always have dark circles due to allergy eyes.


Shine like a supernova. A glamour galaxy of 3 glossy finishes. Feels lighter than ever. Always comfy, never sticky. .15 oz. net wt.

$2.99 (op $6) ends 1/3/12

I love lip gloss. It adds a little shine, not sticky, and looks cute.

Find these items and a whole lot more on sale over at


Anyone who makes a $30 or more purchase I will send you a FREE GIFT!


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